Saturday, 20 February 2016

Sinvalia Rose Gel Moisturiser

 Let me just start by saying that i absolutely love this stuff! It has worked wonders for me and i will definitely be repurchasing! I have combinations skin and tend to get oily around my nose, forehead and chin while my cheeks and around my mouth get quite dry. With this being a gel formula i worried it would leave my skin feeling dry and tight. It actually does once its applied which i think is to do with the glycerin in it. Thats what people look for when wanting a good foundation primer as it makes the skin tacky whih helps makeup stick. This feeling only lasts a few minutes, after that skin feels lovely and soft. I use this in a morning because it is such a good primer as well as a moisturiser. I have noticed that i can stop using a foundation primer and just use this and my makeup lasts all day without looking dry or over oily. This is like my new number one primer!

It is a 120ml glass jar with a screw top lid. Mine was literally full to the brim and also in the lid too so a decent amount of product. My average moisturisers are around 50ml and i usually pay around 5-6 pound so overall its about the same. The only difference being is i can now save by not buying a primer too. The gel itself is a light pink colour, it looks darker in the jar and applies clear. A little goes a long way and it blends into the skin nicely leaving it nice and soft. I does have a strong rose scent which lingers for a while even after applying makeup but i love rose scents so i dont mind this at all.

I would say its definitely one to try, even just for a primer. I have quite sensitive skin and this so far has been fine for me.

I received this at a reduced price on AMZReviews :)

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Makeup Revolution Haul and Mini Review

I recently placed an order on the Makeup Revolution website as i wanted to take advantage of their sale. There were a few items i had my eye on and wanted to try for a while. 

I picked up The One Foundation in Shade 3 as i had been looking at swatches online and found that this was the first shade with a yellowish undertone and i had read this is good for counteracting the slight redness around my nose. I am usually the palest foundation in most brands and i have found this is a great match if looking for a foundation with a warm undertone for pale skin.

 This foundation is very runny and at first glance i thought it wouldnt really give any coverage. It blends out lovely and gives a very light coverage to even out the skin tone. I would stop there as i wasnt looking for a full coverage foundation but for testing purposes i did try to build it up and that works great to. I usually apply with my fingers and blend any uneveness with a beauty blender type sponge. I let this dry and applied another coat with either a sponge or a brush. I find pressing the 2nd coat into the skin rather than wiping is the best way as to not disturb the first layer. It builds well, doenst cake up. I also find it doesnt sink into my fine lines and pores and also doesnt make any dryness look worse.

I also picked up a Vivid Blush Laquer in Rush. This is a lovely baby pink colour. It has a little pump and comes out very thick. With this a little goes a long way. I tend to dab a little on my cheeks and blend out with a brush. It blends out lovely and leaves a nice healthy colour on the cheeks. I use this for a more natural, everyday look. It lasts well and i usually set it with a blush or powder for extra staying power.

I also got The One Fluid Blush in Desire which is very much like the foundation. It is extremely runny but so pigmented. Unlike the laquer blush this has some shimmer to it but not big chunks and only leaves a faint glow on my cheeks. This is a darker blush so for me its more for when i want a more noticeable blush. This is also easy to blend and i find blending the edges with a sponge gives a more natural look. It is so nice and because a very tiny amount is needed will last for ages.

I got an Ultra Aqua Brow Tint in Fair. I have dark hair but was looking for something a little more natural so i thought i would give this a try. It is fairly thick but easy to work with. A little goes a long way. It drys fairly quick but not too quick that its difficult to apply or i feel like i have to rush. It dries nice and smooth. I usually set with a darker powder and it makes my brows look really natural but defined. Again a big tube so will last a long time. Also my brows last all day. No fading or smudging. Look just as good when i take my makeup off.

Finally i picked up a couple of the WOW Glosses. I am more of a lip balm/gloss person. If i wear lipsticks its usually long lasting ones as i feel others smudge around or dont last. I love glosses to just throw into my bag for easy application on the go. These are lovely glosses. A bit of a unique shape but i like it. They feel a lot more like a coloured balm than a gloss. They arent sticky and dont slide around my lips. The colour isnt meant to be long lasting but they do ast a while. I usually reapply after eating or drinking. They have a decent amount of pigment and are great for an eery day natural look. I picked a nude brown shade and a pink, they are both lovely on their own but i have alos mixed together and they make a lovely shade.

I love Makeup Revolution Products and i haven not yet tried one i didnt like. I will definitely be repurchasing. I havent touched my other foundations or liquid blushes since i got these thats how much i have been loving them. Just wanted to give them a bit of a shout out. I will link the website below as they always have some good offes going on.

 Disclaimer: I purchased these at full price with my own money.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Amazon Cleansing Sponges

I love these! I paid £1.39 on Amazon. I will insert the link to them HERE.
 I have been looking for some cleansing sponges for a while. Mainly to cut down on costs of face wipes and cotton pads etc. I noticed these when I was looking through the beauty items and for the price they are great. They are quite thin and I would probably say they fit roughly in the palm of my hand. Even though thin they feel pretty sturdy and I far I have had no breakage or bits flaking off.

I use morning and night with my normal cleanser. I usually cleanse with my fingers and then dampen one of these and wipe away the cleanser and makeup. I think they work great. I never cleanse my eyes did to sensitivity but after cleansing my face I rinse it out and go moved my eyes and it removes eye-shadow and liner no problem. I haven't testes with mascara as I don't always use but since I wouldn't want them covered in black I probably would remove heavy eye makeup first. They rinse really well and so far haven't stained at all. When squeezed out they feel just slightly damp and good to getting under eyes and round the nose. While removing makeup and cleansing they also have an exfoliating kind of effect. My skin feels soft and smooth after using one of these. I can definitely tell the difference now between using these and just cleansing with my hands. When they are first opened they are soft but once wet they do dry a little harder but then soften up again when wet.

These are perfect for everyday use and I think they would be great for travelling as they dry quick too and are very small and light. I would definitely repurchase these again.

Disclaimer: I paid full price for this item.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Imagic 12 Colour Flash Palette

I love this!! I absolutely love makeup anyway, it is kind of a hobby of mine. I am by no means a professional but love to try out new products. I found this after watching a youbue video about the makeup forever flash palette, that linked to a dupe for it that people claimed was the same quality. Now i do not own the makeup forever palette so i can not compare the two, what i can say is i ths is fantastic quality. I have added some pictures to this review to show the quality and also some ideas of the different colours that can be made. Of course you can use them as they are without mixing if they are for fancy dress or stage etc.

The colours included are ggold, coral, turquoise, fuchsia, yellow, brown, silver, white, red, bright blue, green and black.

I will list some of the colour combinations below to give you some examples. It can be used for everything. From what i have read it is possible to get a full face of makeup out of this so for travelling its perfect. Its aso very sturdy packaging and in my case all of the colours were filled evenly and most of the way to the top. To get a full face of makeup out of this is possible but i would also take a face powder compact to set everything if you have oily skin. Stil only 2 items for travelling is amazing.

So for foundation  have found mixing brown, white, red, yellow and peach works well, obviously more of one or another colour may be needed depending on skin tone. I use a little extra yellow to counter the redness i naturally have. This can also be layered as concealer without cakiness. It is a good medium coverage.

For blush there is the coral, fushcia and red, these can be mixed with a little white or the silver or gold for some shimmer. Also can be made a little warmer with the brown so on so on.

For eyes its pretty much anything goes but i would use a primer underneath to stop creasing and to not lose much colour a translucent powder can be dusted over the top. The black, broand and blue make good everyday liners but as i say anythiing goes with this palette.

For lips the same goes, there is red, peach, coral, fuschia and shimmers or white. Also a brown lip could be created. You can really do it all. For lips though it can settle into lines if you have dry lips so i pop a little over lip balm but it wont last as long as on its own.

Definitely a winner for me!

Disclaimer: I paid full price for this product. I got mine HERE.